Monday, September 1, 2014

Let's Play The Expendabros! Episode 1

Bullets fly, buildings explode, and androgen levels surge as John and his pal JT team up for some two-player co-op action in Devolver Digital's Broforce spinoff/The Expendables 3 tie-in, The Expendabros!

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"They're boxes! There's nothing to view!" Let's Play Dishonored, Ep. 63

John's growing exasperation at his own past self's ineptitude reaches a boiling point as he puts on a veritable clinic in how not to play Dishonored, getting Corvo into ill-advised shootouts with tallboys and spending what feels like several geological epochs struggling to reach a rune.

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The Undertaker vs. Kane: Let's Play WWE2K14 30 Years of Wrestlemania

The Undertaker battles his estranged brother Kane at Wrestlemania XIV! Things take a turn for the macabre and horrific outside the ring as well as inside when the discussion turns to the question of Kane's parentage, and John irrevocably soils yet another one of Nick's beloved childhood memories.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Let's Play Dark Blood Online, Episode 2

PurpleHelmet (Dan) the warrior and Flandry (John) the hunter meet for the first time. Together, they must seek allies among the Namiros Knights in their struggle against evil, brave the horrors of the nearby forest, and explain that the game is not, fact, porn when Dan's girlfriend walks in at an inopportune moment.

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John is bad at this: Let's Play Dishonored, Ep. 62

With Daud slain, Corvo enacts the traditional post-battle looting and confused wandering before advancing further into the nightmarish rotting heart of the Flooded District, where John and Nick briefly reflect on who the real monster in this story is before gleefully windblasting some dudes over a railing.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart: Let's Play WWE2K14 30 Years of Wr...

Stone Cold Steve Austin takes on Bret "The Hitman" Hart in a No Disqualifications Submission match at Wrestlemania XIII!

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Screw you, Mr. Blonde: Let's Play Dishonored, Ep. 61

Cold steel and dark supernatural powers clash as Corvo finally does battle with the murderer of the Empress himself, the legendary assassin Daud. John didn't let the bastard live even on his low-chaos playthrough, so no points for guessing whether  Corvo spares his life this time.

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