Thursday, December 18, 2014

Let's Play Congo, Ep 6

Lost in the jungle, assailed by evil on all sides, Dan makes a discovery that will revolutionize the transportation and distribution of petroleum-based fuels forever.

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Tell me of your homeworld, Usul: Let's Play Trine 2 Ep 26

The adventure takes an unexpected detour into the desert, and deep into a mysterious pyramid. Plus, the astonishing powers of Amadeus the Wizard, fully unleashed in all their terrible splendor!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Let's Play Congo, Ep. 5

With Dan incapacitated and only a revive needle able to cure him, John finds himself faced with the depressingly familiar task of wandering a dark, unfamiliar neighborhood in search of drugs. He carves a trail of slaughter through the forest, but soon encounters a foe no mortal weapon can defeat!

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Let's Try Tales From the Borderlands, Ep 3/3

We've arrived on Pandora, a dangerous world where life is cheap and the right to survive another day only comes from the barrel of a gun. Time to piss off the locals!

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"Bowser killed me:" Let's Play Trine 2 Ep 25

The heroes make their way through the burning districts of the besieged city, stopping to do some amateur firefighting and repeatedly dying in a perilous underwater passage along the way.

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Let's Play Dead Nation Ep. 12

In a welcome relief from the nightmarish horror of the previous episode, John and Dan fight their way through a hellish gauntlet of burning debris.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Let's Try Tales From the Borderlands, Ep 2

Rhys' career takes a disastrous turn, an innocent trash receptacle becomes collateral damage, and Rhys and friends come up with a can't-possibly-go-horribly-wrong scheme to claim their rightful place at Hyperion. Please be warned that there are some weird visual artifacts in this video, though not so bad you can't follow what's going on.

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