Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The laurels of victory

Whether it's a Pinewood Derby “Participant” trophy, an oversized novelty check, or a  towering  gem-studded throne wrought from the very bones of your slaughtered enemies, everyone enjoys having something to commemorate their achievements and successes. I myself take great pride – or would if I could figure out where I've gort it stored- in the mug I won in a Star Trek trivia contest because I AND I ALONE knew the names of both of Worf's brothers.

(Nobody ever remembers Nikolai Rozhenko, poor Next Generation 7th season filler episode bastard. He's the Marlon Jackson of the 24th century.)

However, in the aftermath of the recent cracking and exposure of the Playstation 3's root key, there are now reports that someone has created a program allowing the user to claim the PlayStation Trophies for some PS3 games without actually playing them. This is a very small problem in the greater scheme of things, but it still irritates me. I earned my Battlefield: Bad Company trophy for shooting down an enemy helicopter with the JDAM laser designator, dammit. Earned it with my own blood and sweat and freakish good luck when I'd run out of rockets to fire at the damn thing and had decided to just screw around while I waited for it to kill me. I'd hate to see that cheapened.

Still, if you've always longed for a taste of the sort of glory and admiration that has been hitherto enjoyed only by the elite few who actually have the skill and dedication to seize Army of Two: The 40th Day's coveted “win three consecutive rounds of rock-paper-scissors” trophy, I suppose this is your chance.

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