Monday, January 14, 2013

In the year 20XX...

Hey, everybody, and welcome to another year of Pointless Side Quest!

2012 was a bit of a slow year at the blog- in large part because my grandfather and both of my cats died, so if you have ever so much as contemplated being annoyed by the slow pace of new content here you are officially a horrible, horrible person- but I have higher hopes for 2013.

I'm also inaugurating a brand-new regular feature on Pointless Side Quest that, at the risk of seeming hyperbolic, will be a greater and more important development in the history of video games than Pac-Man, the joystick, Shigeru Miyamoto, ROM cartridges, ENIAC, and the nucleosynthesis of the first silicon atoms in the cores of dying primordial stars, combined. It's not far away, so don't miss it.

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