Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pointless Side Cast Episode 7: Nick's Kitchen of Terror

It's time for Episode 7 of Pointless Side Cast! The whole gang is here as John Markley, Nick Nguyen, Corey Atwood, Jade Kimmel, and Logan Kraus gather together to discuss PlayStation 4 launch titles, games they've played lately, the most recent of Nick's seemingly endless procession of bizarre household mishaps, John's petty mind games, Corey's corrupting influence, and beyond. Join them for all this, plus:

Crusader Kings II!

Illinois' baffling non-Euclidean geography!

Grand Theft Auto V!


Beyond: Two Souls!

Hitler's mechazombies!

Shadows of the Damned!

Nick's poison cupcakes!


Blasphemous kitchen necromancy!


The wit and wisdom of the YouTube comments section!

A thoughtful discussion about the relative merits of Call of Duty and Battlefield, lead by someone who hasn't played either since the first Modern Warfare!


Transformers: War for Cybertron!

Confusing, arbitrary selection criteria!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn!

Human sacrifice!

Race the Sun!

Suda 51's restrained, nuanced approach to human anatomy!


Amnesia: The Dark Descent!

Depraved 11th-century Welsh aristocrats!

Killer Instinct!


Killzone: Shadow Fall!

Corey undergoes mitosis live on the air!

Watch Dogs!

The first reference to Bubsy anyone has made since the Clinton administration!

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