Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Let's Play Dishonored, High Chaos: Corvo Attano is History's Greatest Monster Edition

Let's Play Starbound was a success! The video encoding process didn't reduce my PC to molten slag and Logan hasn't suddenly started blocking my emails, so I'm declaring victory. We'll be mounting another expedition into the unknown soon enough, seeking new worlds full of precious artifacts for me to pillage and alien creatures for Logan to be repeatedly killed by, but first...

Join me and Nick Nguyen as we venture into the dark steampunk world of Dishonored, where my ill-fated attempt at a "harshly pragmatic" playthrough almost immediately degenerates into a nightmare of savage bloodshed, petty vandalism, and bizarre digressions that few will escape alive. Royal blood will spill, an empire will teeter on the brink of chaos, and a bloodthirsty lunatic in a Doctor Doom mask will steal everything that isn't nailed down. Don't miss it!

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