Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pointless Side Cast Episode 9: 2013 Retrospective!

It's the Pointless Side Cast 2013 retrospective show! Join John Markley, Corey Atwood, Logan Kraus, and Nick Nguyen as we discuss the high and lows of gaming in the previous year in this 2+ hour, current-as-little-as-six-months-ago extravaganza! 

Download it here!

XCOM: Enemy Within!
The art of segue, fully unleashed!
Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death!
The shocking magical girl-themed perversions of Nick's dad!
Shadowrun Returns!
David Cage in Japan!
The Wonderful 101!
That noise from the Prometheus trailers!
Far Cry: Blood Dragon!
Osama bin Laden's evil purple moon energy!
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance!
Danica Patrick!
DmC: Devil May Cry!
John's schoolgirl mancrush on Jordan Weisman!
Hawaiian shirt-fueled bloodshed!
The Stanley Parable!
Defunct video rental stores of the Chicago suburbs!
Killer is Dead!
Inadequate quality assurance!
Animal Crossing: New Leaf!
The unnatural portents and prodigies that accompanied John's birth!
Total War: Rome II!
A young Corey's quest for porn!
Hitman: Absolution!
Julie Newmar!
Max Payne 3, because we forgot what year it was actually released!
William "The Refrigerator" Perry!
Splinter Cell: Blacklist!
John's other schoolgirl mancrush on Victor "Sully" Sullivan!
Beyond: Two Souls!
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger!
Yen-dollar exchange rates!
Aliens: Colonial Marines!
Unrealistic portaryals of the gigolo industry!
Grand Thefy Auto V!
Russian Orthodox timekeeping!
Battlefield 4!
And so much more.

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