Wednesday, March 26, 2014

John and Logan Play Starbound, Episode 5: The Dread Gift Shop of Tsathoggua

Our intrepid pair enter the lair of the native frog deity himself, where the only thing more insane than his gibbering cultists are the low, low prices. John bitterly recounts a childhood marred by poor stormwater management, while Logan reminisces about other times he killed friendly aliens for no reason.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

John and Logan Play Starbound, Episode 4: Katabasis (Or, Attack of the Fart Monsters)

Logan and I continue to defile a native holy site, while I explain the implications of Darwin's Theory of Conservation of Eyeballs for the evolution of alien life. The disturbing philosophical questions about the nature of identity raised when Logan is killed and brought back as a clone are politely ignored.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

John and Logan Play Starbound, Episode 3: "I Wanna Build Some DARK TOMBS"

We descend deeper into the planet. A fateful discovery is made, dark and terrible forces are loosed, and the career of Brendan Fraser is discussed at length.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

John and Logan Play Starbound, Episode 2: Treachery!

The adventure continues! I lose myself in the joys of Starbound sand physics, and nearly pay the ultimate price. Logan kills friendly aliens for no reason.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

John and Logan Play Starbound, Episode 1: Where We're Going We Won't Need Eyes

And so it begins, as I join my friend and Pointless Side Cast mainstay Logan Kraus in Starbound, the new exploration/sandbox/RPG whatchamacallit from Chucklefish Games. It's still in beta, but already it's quite an impressive game and well-worth keeping an eye on if you enjoy games like Terraria.

In our first episode, we begin a fateful journey to the surface of Alpha Chi Car 65 III, a seemingly inviting world of verdant forests that hosts a terrible secret. I show off the festive holiday d├ęcor of my ship, while Logan uses his sword to make first contact with a friendly native's thoracic organs.


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Monday, March 10, 2014

You can run, Internet. You'll only die tired.

Last year saw the birth of Pointless Side Quest's very own podcast, Pointless Side Cast. I'm not one for sitting still (except in the literal, physical sense) so I'm very happy to announce that Pointless Side Quest has taken another important step forward. Previous content for the site has been limited by its ability to assail only one of your senses at a time. No more! 

Now your eyes and ears and can suffer in equal measure as Pointless Side Quest joins the hottest gaming craze of 2006 and enters the world of Let's Play videos.

Join me and whoever I can scrounge up from the podcast for:

My swift descent from grim pragmatist to History's Greatest Monster in Dishonored!

Nonstop, pulse-pounding Starbound digging action!

Futzing around in forgotten NES games!

Nick and Logan's roommates yelling in the background! 

All of the mumbling and stammering that I usually try to edit out during the podcast!

All of the bizarre digressions that I usually don't bother editing out of the podcast!

An epic struggle between recent PC games and outdated stock setting AMD hardware!

And much more, starting this week, so stay tuned. Or just head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe!

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