Saturday, August 1, 2009

In Which I Pick on Dante's Inferno Again

Electronic Arts canceled a promotion at Comic Con for its forthcoming game Dante’s Inferno in which convention goers were called on to “commit an act of lust” with one of the EA booth babes and post a photo on Twitter. EA apologized after news of the promotion sparked protests, saying that all members of their marketing department will henceforth be required to watch a special educational film, the award-winning Short, High-Voiced Animate Objects: A Human Gender or Some Sort of Fancy Mobile Furniture?

As a replacement, EA attempted a new promotion based on Dante’s vision of sin and damnation in which fans were encouraged to “commit an act of usury” at the convention, with prizes for whoever was most successful in convincing the EA booth babes to take out interest-bearing loans. Participation was later reported to be disappointing, though EA says it is still considering a “commit an act of betrayal against a master or benefactor” promotion for Dante’s Inferno II.

(Found via: Game Politics)

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